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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Designer Duds at Walmart?!

Yes, it is true! Designer Norma Kamali has a clothing line at Walmart and except for the prices, it is definitely not what you would expect from this discount destination! Apparently she has had a line at Walmart for several years- how did I not know? Most of the apparel can only be found on-line at but who wants to go to the store anyway! Check out these great pieces:

 Trench Coat was$30 now $24!
a classic piece everyone should own!

 Maxi Jersey Lounge Gown $14
easy instant chic

Woman's All in One Jersey Dress
9 looks from one dress in a non-wrinkling jersey material = the only dress you need to pack! 
was $24 now $15!

Batwing Cardigan $18
comfortable, modern, perfection

Career Boyfriend Jacket $20
Suit Pants $15

Runched One-Piece Bathing Suit $24
this suit is so adorable! Norma Kamali is actually famous for her attractive, well fitting bathing suits. A bathing suit from her line usually runs around $300!

Aren't these pieces great?! Can you believe these prices?! And, this is not a one time thing- Norma Kamali designs for Walmart on a continual basis! So check back at often!

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  1. you are adorable! i'm def going to check out that bathing suit. i found your blog while searching for other esthetician blogs. nice to meet you. i love your style and your sense of thrift is right up my alley.


  2. Your right. Who knew! I like the trench. I just wonder what the quality is like. If you see the pieces in person before we do, let us know!