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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Craft Night Project: Tie-Dying

Every Monday night we have "Craft Night". It's a time to get together with other women to talk and work on something creative. My friend Jaymie Stroud started this event and hosted it for several years until recently we moved it to my new house. We have done everything from jewelry making to knitting to sewing to origami. Even more important than the crafts though is the wonderful friendships and the memories that have made during this time

This past Monday, we did one of our favorite projects- Tie Dying! This is not your mama's tie dying. We have sort of developed a method of what I like to call "Modern Tie Dying". It usually involves a single color of dye in a dark color instead of lots of bright colors. This look has been done by many different designer over the last several years. I'm sure you've seen tie-dyed clothing in the stores recently or maybe even purchased some!

Here are some of the designer looks that inspired our designs:


 Calvin Klein

 Calvin Klein

Ports 1961

Get the idea?... Now here are our looks:

 black dye on lavender silk
this is my favorite one!

 black dye on cream colored cotton
not sure if I'm crazy about this one yet?
It's fun to just try things though- we buy all the stuff we dye at the thrift store so it's not a big loss if it doesn't come out that great

black dye on gray cotton
turned this boring tank into something special

purple dye on cream colored polyester
this was also a pretty boring cream blouse until it met purple dye!

As you can see dying something can really bring an item to life! I'm sure we will be doing even more tie-dying in the future and I also plan on doing a tutorial post to teach you how you can do it yourself!

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  1. These are beautiful. Do you ever run up against polyester thread that won't take your dye?

  2. Thankyou! Fortunatly, I haven't run into that yet. I actually never even thought about that happening so I'm glad you mentioned it!