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Friday, January 21, 2011

Columbus is Lucky

I'm sorry, I just need to gloat a little today! 
I just received my February issue of Lucky magazine and who is featured in the City Guide section? 
Columbus, Ohio!


I am so excited that my little home town is getting noticed! 
The city has undergone some major improvements in the last few years, especially in the Short North area which is just north of downtown Columbus. The area is packed with trendy boutique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. One of my favorite shops in that area was featured in the article is Rowe. You may remember me mentioning this impressive store in past posts. The owner Maren Roth has an excellent eye and stocks the store with classic yet interesting pieces. 

There is also a store that I love that they didn't put on the list. I'm guess that was because it is pretty new. It is called Objects. It is a well staged antique store with some really great "objects"! Many of their pieces have been skillfully restored and/or painted by the owners. The store is at 3284 N. High St. just south of North Broadway near E. Longview Ave.

So this is my HA! to all the people who think Columbus is nothing more than a cow town!

Ok, sorry, I'm done now!

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  1. Loving that we're finally getting some (much needed) recognition for something other than Bob Evans and cows! LOL.

    BTW - Rowe is having their Super Sale right now.

  2. Great article. Actually a few more lovely independents that were not acknowledged...every reason to visit the hometown and show your pride.
    This was the third article regarding Columbus this year from a NY based periodical. (2x NYTimes). Hoping we will continue to attract the interest of both the press and our locals. Thank you so much for the acknowledgment. It is your support that drives the success of these local businesses!
    Sharing the love,
    Suzi West
    Collier West- Short North
    (a block north of my friends at Rowe.)

  3. Very cool! I feel like I own in a little...since it's the only place I've lived in the us for a whole year! I'm a little proud with you :D