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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Been' Thriftin'!

Why the twang in the title you ask? I am just so excited to show you all what i found today at the Goodwill!

Glasses with steer heads:

Aren't they so super cool?! I'm going to use them for my Hoe-Down Birthday party next month! The two tall glasses were $1.99each and the 3 smaller glasses were $.99each from the Goodwill on High St. in Columbus, Ohio.

Ok! Ok! So maybe steer head glasses really aren't your thing. Well, here are my other finds from today:

A white ceramic bowl. This could be used for so many different purposes. For only $2.99 it had to be mine!

An Asian printed container $1.99, a mother of pearl and brass candle stick holder $1.99 and pear shaped container $2.99. I just thought these were great decorating items for almost anywhere in the house. Pin It


  1. The blue china container looks like the container to store loose leaves tea. It's really a good deal for $1.99. Every time I read your blog, makes me want to shop with you :)

  2. steer glasses ARE my thing, as a matter of fact. SO COOL!